12 Gauge (6 Rounds) Ammunition with 6 Round Leather Case

12 Gauge (6 Rounds) Ammunition with 6 Round Leather Case

SKU: 1000

This is our standard package, and includes 6 hand-loaded rounds of 12 gauge shotgun ammunition in high-quality hulls with an accompanying hand made leather ammunition case to serve as an additional lasting reminder of your beloved dog.


    12 gauge hand-loaded with steel shot.  Custom leather case.  Ask about 20g or rifle ammunition availability.  Ask about TSS rounds, coming soon...


    If you have any difficulty with your ammunition or leather case, please contact us for a full refund.


    Shipping is included...  We send you a package with a folded, self-addressed postage-paid USPS shipping box, a sterile bag and spoon for handling remains.  Send us this complete package through USPS, and we'll send you the ammunition and leather case within 2 weeks


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